About myself:
I live in Finland. I'm 19 years old.
My real name is Ville.

About muds:
This is the first mud I ever played. The one that took my virginity and the one that made me the geek I am today.
Delphine is an LP mud and differs quite a lot from Imperial. It includes very good built-in maps of the world and a multi-classing system. I created my character there in October 1998 and have played it nearly 190 days.

Imperial v 3.0
+ classes
+ large world
+ groups
- one can get huge amounts of xp while
  still being a clueless newbie
- maps

Mume is a diku mud based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth. In mume you can visit for example Bree and Rivendell, and even join the everlasting war between the Armies of the West and the forces of the Dark Lord.
+ Middle Earth
+ pk
+ maps
+ class system
- dangerous world for a newbie

The Absolute best places on the Web:
Demi - my favorite magazine
Kiss Fm Chat - better than irc
Fjortis-Fylla - teen-gallery
Irc-Gallery - another teen-gallery