Angelique and Asterix

"Castles in the clouds hold visions of pure fantasy and Dragons are the essence of dreams and imagination.
Never tell anyone that these things do not exist."


I was born and raised in Tampere, Finland. Presently I attend Tampere University of Technology studying Software Systems and have a part/full time job as well.
I was born and raised in Ohio in the USA. I still reside in Ohio and have three children, Sarah, Stephanie and Samantha. I am attending school to get a degree in Special Education.


I enjoy computer games, rgps, listening to music, reading books, Magic the Gathering and Vampire the Eternal Struggle card games, online games such as Diablo 2 expansion on Battlenet and coding for the mud.
I enjoy certain types of computer games, rpgs, listening to music, reading books, MtG card game, Battlenet's Diablo2x, photography, writing, and cooking and collecting dragons and dragon related items.


Any music other than country, rap, hiphop, heavy metal and techno.
Any music other than rap, techno, heavy metal and hiphop.

Favorite Authors

David Eddings and J.R.R. Tolkien
Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Anne Rice, Robert Asprin, Tanya Huff, Alan Dean Foster, Roger Zelazny, Piers Anthony,Frank Herbert and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Mud Experiences

Imperial : 6969 Asterix(IMP), Dunael, Poledra, Carwin
Darkemud: 5559 mortal tinker named Duncan
Burning : 4000 mortal named Asterix
Imperial: 6969 Angelique (IMP), Jess, Angelica and Angie
Burning: 4000 Jess (Greater God), Angelique and Ariade
Gizmo: 6969 Jess (CES) no mortals

Roleplaying Experiences

Member of Excalibur roleplaying club. D&D in Forgotten and Al-Quadim, Rolemaster, Spacemaster, RuneQuest, Vampire (Camarilla & Sabbat), Cyberpunk, Warhammer
AD&D, Star Wars, GammaWorld, Shadowrun, basic D&D,Vampire the Masquerade and I am presently playing in a 3rd Edition D&D campaign.

Some Links

Pictures from Angelique's trip to Finland, spring 2002
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