Imperial v3.5 has taken the best of V3 and improved upon it. This project was started as a simple balancing and grew to additions of skills, spells and new formats on many things.

For the work on the code we wish to thank: Asterix, Benjamin and Havoc. With some part time assistance and ideas from Mox.

For All the noncode jobs (other than missions) we wish to thank Angelique and Miracle. Angelique wishes to thank Jet for doing so much proofreading as well.

For the new missions system we thank, Benjamin, Havoc, Micho, Karma, Ethelam and Miracle.

For putting up with endless reboots, crashes and questions, we wish to thank the brave people we used as guinea pigs, otherwise known as playtesters. This list includes Gregor, Shiel, Karma, Miracle, Angelique, Asterix, Havoc, Jet, Rel, Tiw, Ethelam, Vorhees, Merlin, Bounty, Skankke, Tune, Ares, Tengel, Kudo, Morris, Beacher, and Kato.

For keeping us all nice and sane we all wish to thank Rosmo, he listened to the ideas, comments, complaints and gave us the feedback we really needed.

The web pages are designed and made by Miracle.
Graphics for the pages are made by Paula Alavesa.

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