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The air is cold and it bites shrewdly through your cloak as you approach the gates of the town you have sought for so long. "Next time I decide to take a guildmaster's advice to move on to a new town, I'm going ask him what the weather is like there" you mutter to yourself as the forest finally clears away revealing the city of Kial-Qwyn. The magnificence of the city is not dimmed by the falling snow, in fact it seems to defy the snow with a heavenly aura. You approach the open gate with dreams of warmth and fortune.

Welcome to Imperial's Newbie Walk-Through

The information on the following pages is here to help you get a good start in the land of Imperial. If you can learn something here then you will be more likely not only to survive, but to keep experienced players on your good side; and you'll need all the friends you can get.

You force the door of the Drunken Dragon Tavern open against the wind and are greeted by a blast of warm air that smells of hickory. As you enter the establishment you immediately feel warmer and much more at ease. There are several patrons sitting around comfortably talking with each other, and a bard in the corner plays a merry tune on a lute. The Bartender moves from patron to patron sharing stories and refilling ale mugs. A grizzled-looking man notices you as you enter the establishment, and his gaze never leaves you. He motions for you to sit as his table. Coldness and the fact that there must be thirty rocks in your boots compels you to make your way to his table.

"You look like you've put some miles behind you today, son" the old man says with a smile. "Sit down, traveler, and make yourself warm." he says as he pushes a full mug of ale across the table to you.

As you sit and drink in the relaxing atmosphere, you feel more at ease. The man, you notice, has several scars across his face, and yet he seems to have a charismatic warmth about him that makes you comfortable in his presence. After some time he lights his pipe and looks over to you, "So, if I may ask, what brings you to Kial-Qwyn?"

You tell him that you are on a quest to find fame and fortune.

"Well then, can I have your name brave adventurer?"

The first thing your character will need is a name and a password. Try to choose something both original and important to you.

You tell the man your name.

You can also tell that the man is sizing you up right now, looking over you and seeing how strong of an adventurer you might just be. It seems that this man can determine amazing things just by observation, and you feel completey exposed to his gaze.

Next you will have to select your gender: Male or Female. And after that you will have to select your race. For more info on races see the Information section of this homepage. Humans are a good starting race for anyone.

After a short period of time the man asks you what you do for a living, so you tell him.

Next you will have to choose your class: Warrior, Thief, Cleric, or Mage. For more information on classes see the Information section of this homepage.

The man tells you that there are many things for you to learn and the best places to start learning are in the newbie guides. He makes a strange arcane gesture and a small bag appears on the table. You jump back in fright from this feat. The man snickers and says, "It is but the simplest magic my friend, you will soon think nothing of it." You take the bag the man offers and look inside cautiously.

Inside is basically a newbie starter kit, and you begin the game with it. It will all be in your inventory when you appear at the Hall of Justice.

Congratulations, you can now successfully create your first character. Read on to find out how to get round and earn xp and gold.

As you get up to leave you thank the man and offer to pay for his ale. He, of course, won't hear of it and assures you he has plenty of money to cover it as well as yours. You ask the man if you may have his name and a grin flashes across his face briefly. He looks at you calmly and says "Don't worry about my name, go...seek fame and fortune, and make a name for yourself." You walk out of the tavern and into the world of Imperial.

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The next sections are set out in topical order. Click on a link to learn more about that subject

Equipment and Score

The first thing you need to do is put on your clothes: TYPE WEAR ALL this will put your armor on for you. WEAR "item or all" puts things on and REMOVE "item or all" removes them.

Now look in your inventory. To do this TYPE INV this shows you what you have to wear or hold or wield. Let's hold the light and wield your weapon. TYPE HOLD "light name" this puts the torch in one hand to light you way. TYPE WIELD "weapon name" this will put the weapon in a hand so you can use it.

Now TYPE EQU this shows you what you have on at the moment. You should have on a starting set, a torch as a light, and a weapon of some type as wielded.

As the game progresses your starting set of equipment will disappear and you will have to look for new equipment to fill the 16 spaces there are. The donation room is a good place to look for equipment early on. Look at the Map of Town on the Map Room page to find the Donation Room.

You can find out some statistics about you by typing SCORE or DETAILS. This will tell you various information and will tell you more at higher levels.

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Movement and Viewing

Now let's look around at our surroundings. TYPE LOOK. This will show you what the room that you are in looks like. In the mud you move from room to room by going one of 6 directions: North, South, East, West, Up, or Down. You can LOOK at any object, person, or mob (computer controlled monster, the ones that you are allowed to kill) by typing LOOK "name" such as LOOK STATUE.

At this time TYPE AUTOEXIT once. This will show you all the visible exits in a room whenever you enter or look. Now forget about this, because you never need to use it again.

Now lets move around a bit. From the Hall of Justice you can go any of the four planar directions. That is North, South, East, or West. Travel Genie has also decided to move closer to Hall of Justice and you can find him up from there.

Lets go North. TYPE NORTH. Now you are in a new room. The Inner Hall. You can see that you can go many directions from here, but you really can't tell where they lead. TYPE EXIT This shows you the different exits and where they lead. To the east is the Donation Room. Go in and get you some good Equip. by looking and then typing GET "equ name".

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Talking and Chatting

One of the main things to do on the Mud is talk to other players. TYPE WHO to see a list of other visible players in the game. TYPE LOOK to see other players in the same room with you. To talk to a player in the same room with you TYPE SAY Hello my friend where hello my friend is the message you want to say. Everyone in your room will see this.

To Talk to someone privately or someone not in your room use the tell function. TYPE TELL PLAYER (message) where player is the players name, and Message is what you want to say. e.g. TELL BILL Hello There, How are you? When they reply it will say "Bill tells you "pretty good, and you?" or whatever they say. You and Bill are the only people to see this message.

To do a world-wide tell use the chat function TYPE CHAT (message) where message is what you want to say. right now type this. CHAT Hello, I'm new here, can anyone teach me the Basics? This should go out over chat and everyone online will see it. Use Chat to ask simple questions you can't find answers to in the help files and to just chat with other players. Never use chat to discuss personal business between two people. Use tell instead.

There are many more communication functions that you can use. try HELP and look under communication for more options.

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Killing and Healing

Now your ready to go kill some stuff. Head for the training grounds. It is 2 east and one south from the Hall of Justice (the place you started from) and it is the place you should go until level 6. There are three types of Mobs (killable enemies) there. Small Imps, Medium Imps, and Adult Imps. The Training ground goes south for 3 rooms and goes one room in each direction forming a 3x3 grid. Find a room with a small Imp in it and TYPE CONSIDER SMALL. This command tells you a general chance that you have of winning. If you are ready attack the small by typing KILL SMALL. Watch your HP closely, if it drops too low TYPE FLEE to run from combat.

To Heal yourself you must rest. TYPE REST to sit down and rest. Resting gains hp back twice as fast as standing. If you are a Cleric you can cast healing spells on your self.

When you kill the Mob you will receive XP. Looting money from the corpse is automatic. To loot equipment and other things you need to turn autoloot on by typing AUTOLOOT.

When you are at full HP again, move on to the next kill.

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Existing and Promoting

Eventually your character will get hungry and thirsty. When this happens he needs to eat and drink soon or he will not regain HP and Mana. 2 south of the Hall of Justice there is a fountain that you can drink out of by typing DRINK WATER FOUNTAIN. Do this twice. Then go north and west from there to the bakery. Buy two breads buy typing LIST to see what he has to sell then BUY BREAD twice. Now type EAT BREAD twice. You will be full for a period of time. The next time you receive these messages drink and eat again.

As you get xp you will have to train something to be able to level. When you have trained some skill or spell so that score shows this: Using 0 more exp may give you a promotion, you need to find your guildmaster to promote.

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When you are not sure how something works try using the help files first. Type HELP SUBJECT where subject is the thing you want to know about to get more info. Or just type HELP to get a list of common topics.

Two things you should do now is read your newbie guide by typing READ GUIDE. And after that type HELP NEWBIE for more information about newbie related subjects.

Good Luck!

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