First Gathering in Finland, Vuosaari

© Mira Pietilä, images by Paula Alavesa

© Photos Mira Pietilä

Galad, Ramshot, Lucifer, Elhindir and Mablung

Lucifer and Benjamin


Janita, Rosmo, Karny, Tifa, Benjamin, Faile, Gourry, Destiny, Raccoon and Skarban

Faile and Roch

Raccoon, Tifa's car, Janita, Tifa and Rosmo

Clear, Asterix, Mox, Deldu, Roch and Raccoon


Janita, Karny, Einr and Tifa


*Team Jämsä* Mablung, Einr, Reehvi, Galad, Karny, (Janita) and Tifa




Roch trying to take Tifa's bra off.. Reehvi and Elhindir trying to hide a grin to theirselves...


Faile trying to wake up

Tifa having a hangover

Rosmo, Janita and Tifa

Faile and Gourry

Boys playing volley ball

The Group

Destiny leaping out of the window (?) and Skarban

Raccoon, Lucifer and Reehvi

Tifa waking up with Captain Morgan


Gnort, Ramshot and Elhindir

Mox, Asterix, Destructor, Deldu, Mern and Tharda

Destructor and Benjamin

Deldu, Clear, Mablung and Rosmo

Galad making his famous Paladin's trident with slay_sausage!

Clear and Rosmo

Roch drinking Polgara's elixir vitae


Roch having a hangover

Clear offering Tifa some elixir vitae, maybe he'll wake up

Mmm.. Seems like Tifa took the offer

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