Second Gathering in Finland, Vuosaari

© Mira Pietilš, images by Paula Alavesa

© Photos Tomi Sarvela

Ad sleeping


Deldu, Janita, Kriff, Asterix and Miracle


Faile relaxing

Outi, Raccoon, Sammael, Reehvi, Miracle, Janita, Rosmo, Asterix..

Radan and Mablung

Reehvi and Janita

Kone, Janita and Reehvi

Asterix, Deldu, Mox, Einr, Janita and Reehvi

Mablung, Rosmo, Outi and Janita

Mablung sleeping

Koala, Raccoon and Ad

Sammael and Koala going to have some breakfast


Ad and his shoes that were missing for hours (found them under the bed in the cabin)


Einr and the same hiding thing as the day before

Reehvi and the Tampere ppl just coming from somewhere

Too many of them to list =D

Radan and Mablung

Einr, Janita and Galad and their tent =)

Reehvi, Janita, Einr and Galad

Janita, Reehvi, Deldu, Asterix and Kriff

Einr and Reehvi

Galad, Janita and Einr



Reehvi, Janita and Galad

Sammael and Faile

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