MageImperial prides itself on having extensive help files, files that are logical, easily searchable and clear, for both new and old players. Each file will generally refer you to at least one other file for additional information.

Imperial also has players and immortals who freely answer (honest) questions and are very willing to assist new players in learning what they need to know to enjoy playing. However, please understand that because the help file system is so extensive, when a new player asks for help, they are generally referred to one, two or several help files, so they can learn at their own speed. While Imperial DIKUMud is very newbie friendly, no one gets spoonfed here.

You are expected to be responsible for being reasonable in your requests for assistance and to learn on your own, too. Please click on the following link to learn a bit more about our online environment and how we all play together.

Information Help File

Imperial MUD Information