Imperial has four main classes and three sub-classes from each main class, for a total of 12 classes.

Some classes are race restricted because... let's face it... can you really see a 1/4 meter tall pixie fluttering around trying to be a paladin and tanking a dragon many thousands of times its size? We can't, so that is an example of a race restriction. Make sure you read through races, too, before making your final selection for class. Race does affect matters here.

There are four basic classes in Imperial, which each divide into three specialist classes that you choose from after reaching level 30 depending on the alignment you wish to play.

Warrior Warriors

These get the most hit points and can rescue other group members, parry hits and block monsters when they attempt to flee. Warriors can specialize as Avengers (evil) Rangers (neutral) or Paladins (good).


Paladins are noble knights dedicated to protecting the weak and preserving justice and honor wherever they go. Paladins are holy warriors who prize courage, truth and virtue above all. The shrine of the Paladin guild can be entered from the city parks of Kial-Qwyn.


Avengers are wild warriors who fight for the sheer enjoyment of battle and causing their enemies death and suffering. Avengers excel at the use of weapons to appease their evil gods in exercising their prowess in battle against any who stand against them. The arena of the Avenger guild can be entered from the northern edge of the Datura Desert.


Rangers are warriors of the woods who prefer the untouched wilderness as their environment, and the company of animals rather than that of other people. The grove of the Ranger guild can be entered from the south-western corner of the Blue Tree Forest.
Thieves Thieves

These are sneaky characters that are usually capable of doing a lot of damage with their circles and backstabs, whilst being able to dodge attacks. Thieves can specialize as Assassins (evil) Rogues (neutral) or Bards (good).


Assassins are hired killers who take payment for eliminating a target. Assassins possess very few morals and it is said their services can be bought for anything, as long as you can afford the price. The doorway to the Assassin's guild can be entered from Tesuit.


Bards are entertainers, and minstrels who have trained their musical ability and voices as high as possible. The songs of bards can influence even the strongest of men with a variety of effects. Bards are dedicated to the purity of music. The collegium of the Bard guild can be entered from the Ivory City.


Rogues are thieves who specialize in getting in and out of difficult situations, often acquiring a large amount of other peoples' possessions on the way. Rogues are extremely observant and are proficient in everything related to traps. The Rogue guild can be entered from a grate in the southern sections of Kial-Qwyn. Rogues are expert in close-quarters combat, therefore they gain Dodge and Damage bonuses when fighting indoors.

These are those who have devoted their lives to healing others and, as such, get a wide variety of spells that deal with keeping themselves, and others, alive. Clerics can specialize as Inquisitors (evil) Druids (neutral) or Healers (good).


Inquisitors are evil clerics who are obsessed with destroying all those who do not immediately convert to their way of thinking. Inquisitors spurn the traditional values of clerics and wield sharp weapons. The Inquisitor's guild can be entered from a portal inside Ozymar's City.


Healers are clerics dedicated to preserving life and curing the sick. Healers receive powerful spells of healing from their gods. The Healer guild can be entered from a portal inside the city of Tesuit.


Druids are clerics of the woods and nature, worshiping Mother Earth herself, as well as the natural elements. Druids are dedicated to the protection and preservation of plants and wildlife. The standing stone of the druid guild can be entered from the Cromlech in Soltara.
Mage Mages

These are the members of the spell casting community that have delved into the more violent sides of magic. Mages typically get very powerful offensive spells. Mages can specialize as Necromancers (evil) Conjurers (neutral) or Enchanters (good).


Conjurers are wizards who specialize in controlling the elements and the raw magical energies which course throughout the world. Conjurer spells harness magical energies directly, providing powerful elemental and magical forces for their control. A portal to the Conjurer guild can be located if you travel north from the most northern sections of Tesuit. It is not within the city, it is in the frozen lands to the north.


Necromancers are wizards fascinated by death and the transition of corpses into undead creatures. Necromancers possess powerful spells dealing with corpses and life energies, able to animate undead monsters to do their bidding. The Necromancer tomb can be entered from within the Graveyard.


Enchanters are wizards who specialize in empowering items and people with magical energy for defensive and protective purposes. A portal to the Enchanter guild can be entered from inside the Ivory City.