Getting started

Imperial DIKUMud is very newbie friendly.

We are a non-player killing MUD (absolutely NO pk'ing allowed, not now, not ever, don't suggest it, don't ask for it, don't whine we don't have it, no, not even a voluntary PK arena) and non-player stealing MUD. Some nasty monsters might steal from you, but they are rare, and certainly you can die, oh yes, indeed, you can die. It will not be a player who kills you though.

Our extensive help files have all the information a new player could want, as a theoretical base, to start playing. Of course, we understand that there is nothing like living through the game to learn how to play.

Imperial does not have a MUD school. We do have extensive, easily found, newbie hunting grounds; a compulsory mission system to orient new players as they gain experience, train skills/spells, increase their levels, and to show several other "need to know" facets of our mud. Missions are fast and easy to complete.

Imperial does not have mandatory quests required to gain levels of power. All quests are voluntary. You can survive quite nicely without ever being part of one of the iimmortal run quests, though they can be terribly fun to take part in.

Imperial has a no-cost, ever, rent system and several inns all over the Realm. You can only rent up to 60 items though, and the inn-keeper will tell you if you have too many items, or it you are carrying something that cannot be rented.

Imperial has an extremely extensive donations area, with decent equipment almost always filling the rooms, sorted in general donations, weapons and armors. However, the starting equipment set for all new characters is very good and lasts until level 30, so you really do not even have to worry about finding new equipment right away.

Please read through the following links for more information that new players would find useful as they start their adventure with us.

New Player Basic Information